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Custom Fixture for Pind Testing

Custom Fixture for PIND Testing on Stud Mounted Diodes

Custom Fixture for Pind TestingCustom Fixture for Pind Testing

One of our specialties at Electro Product Management, Inc. is developing testing methods for devices that cannot easily be tested using standard equipment. We created the custom fixture highlighted here to perform a PIND test on a nonstandard package to meet the special requirements of one of our customers in the defense industry. A PIND test is used to detect loose particle inside an electronic package that could cause failure of the device when it is used in the field.

The nonstandard package is a stud mounted diode with a shape that makes it difficult to test on a typical PIND tester. We worked with the customer to design and fabricate a custom fixture to ensure that the test provided accurate results. The testing is performed to Mil-STD-750 specifications which outline the methods, controls, and procedures for testing semiconductors used in military applications.

Our team has an outstanding reputation in the electronics testing sector as well as a long relationship in the defense industry. As such, we are approved to work with numerous military contractors. This customer chose us for the project as a result of our proven track record and because we are on the list of approved labs for this customer. Much of our work comes from repeat customers as well as by word of mouth from customers whose expectations were far exceeded by the quality of work we provide. For additional details regarding this custom semiconductor testing project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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