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Fixturing for Burn-In/Voltage Conditioning

Designed & Fabricated Custom Fixturing for Burn-In/Voltage Conditioning

Custom Fixturing for Burn-In/Voltage Conditioning

At Electro Product Management, Inc., we are adept at working alongside customers to build custom electronics testing solutions that improve product quality and reliability without reducing production efficiency. The fixture highlighted here is used in a burn-in/voltage conditioning application to check integrated circuits, semi-conductors, and passive devices. The customer, who manufactures products for the defense industry, desired to condition their products in a way that confirmed their reliability in a reproducible manner. Especially in military applications, components must be proven to be functional and reliable before entering the field. This fixture tests components under the specified conditions to ensure that products will not fail when they are needed most.

After discussing the application with the customer, our team provided a custom test plan and testing procedure along with the physical fixture to ensure that the equipment would perform as intended. During the course of the project, military specifications Mil-STD-883, Mil-STD-750, and Mil-STD-202, were used to outline the testing standards for microelectronics, semiconductors, and electrical components. We routinely work with Mil-Spec standards and are capable of developing test fixture to test to virtually any industry standard or customer specific testing procedure. If a testing standard does not currently exist, we can design a procedure to simulate operation to a wide range of environmental condition as needed.

This customer came to us as a result of our expertise regarding all facets of electronics testing as well as our ability to collaborate with customers and OEM suppliers in order to develop the optimal testing solution for any application. For additional information about this custom electrical testing development project contact us directly.

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