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Parts Procurement

Parts Procurement Services

Parts Procurement

As experts in the electronics components industry, many OEM and military customers rely on our team at Electro Product Management, Inc. for their parts procurement needs. We provide a single purchasing point for all electronic components and are uniquely positioned to ensure the quality and reliability of all parts we provide. Pre-screening processes verify the parts visually, dimensionally, and mechanically. All electrical screening processes are then performed to validate parts to all applicable specifications and industry standards. In quality critical aerospace, medical, and defense applications, these practices are essential to protecting human lives.

Especially in quality critical applications, such as those in the aerospace, medical, and defense industries, these tests are essential to protecting human lives. As counterfeit products continue to be a primary source of concern for many manufacturers, more and more customers are seeking a partner who can provide premium quality, authentic, electronic components. In addition to our extensive experience, we carry an ISO 9001:2008 certification, ITAR registration. These affiliations provide further evidence as to the quality and reliability of our services.

In addition quality assurance, partnership with our team provides flexibility in inventory management. Parts can be released on a kanban basis to reduce the need for excess in-house inventory while ensuring a controlled supply of parts is available when needed. For additional information about our sourcing and procurement capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Parts Procurement Capabilities

General Capabilities
Purchase Parts for Customers
Test Parts
Shared Scheduling
One Source Cost Savings
Parts are Purchased and Tested on Location
Pre-Screening Process Plan
Quicker Turnaround
Hold Parts for Customer Requirements
Cuts Down on In-House Inventory
Up Screening In-House
Counterfeit Detection
Data Sheet Verification: Visual Inspection, Mechanical & Dimensional Analysis, Marking Compliance (Symmetry & Permanency)
X-ray Evaluation
XRF-Lead Material
Blacktop Testing (Verify No Re-Marking)
Die Verification, De-Cap, De-Lid Internal Visual Inspection
Electrical Testing
Detailed Test Plan Available Upon Request

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Aerospace, Military & Defense
Industry Standards / Associations
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered
ESD 20.20 Compliant

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