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Precision Low Power Thermostat

Precision Low Power Thermostat Integrated Circuit for the Defense/Military Industry

Precision Low Power Thermostat

At Electro Product Management, Inc., our more than 43 years’ experience in electronic component testing has earned us many valued and loyal clients in industries that demand an elevated level of quality support. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified service provider, we have a strong background for testing and screening microelectronic devices built to support either military or commercial specifications. Along with executing mil-spec compliant test methods, for this project we were responsible for developing the methodologies and the hardware associated with validating a precision low power thermostat integrated circuit.

We have a long history with this customer. They knew that by leveraging our expertise in this field that we would develop an intelligent solution to ensure the integrity of the circuit design and quality of its manufacture. Our turnkey, solutions-based approach, combined with our comprehensive in-house capabilities, allowed us to keep tight control over the engineering, cost, and scheduling aspects of this project.

Based solely on the information supplied to us on the product datasheet, we developed a test plan to inspect and validate conformance of the complex, low power circuitry. The project also involved fabrication of custom test hardware specifically designed for this application. Having a top-notch team of industry professionals enabled us to ensure that this device met all of the performance criteria that were defined in the product datasheet.

This customer had complete confidence that we acted on their best interest to accurately authenticate and validate the conformance of this critical temperature control device. If you are interested in learning more about our electrical testing solutions, please contact us directly.

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