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Customized to-254 & to-257 Packages

Customized Packages for the Defense/Military Industry

Customized TO-254 & TO-257 Packages

Although we have become well known for our innovative custom electronics testing processes and fixtures, at Electro Product Management, Inc., our expertise extends far beyond simple testing. Our capabilities include the sourcing of quality electronic components for customers who require customized packages to meet specialized needs.

When a customer in the defense industry contacted us regarding a project that required us to customize packages to meet their dimensions, we were able to provide a complete processing solution. We worked closely with the OEM to develop a process that took the standard design and customized it for this military application. Creating these packages required specialize lead forming as well as package trimming, deburring, coating, and marking processes. These processes were designed to minimize the costs associated with modifying the original design, while ensuring that all dimensional requirements of the selected item drawing were met.

We have worked on numerous military projects for customers in the defense industry to provide everything from custom testing procedures and fixtures to up-screening of electronic components. Many of the electronic devices our team has worked with are used in critical field situations, making reliability and quality paramount. We are capable of developing custom solutions for customers who are seeking a rigorous testing or electronics manufacturing sources. For additional information about this electronics customization project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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